Ziggy Marley | True To Myself | Dragonfly

A track off Ziggy’s album Dragonfly.

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A track off Ziggy’s album Dragonfly.

Never content to rehash the success of his past, Ziggy uses Dragonfly to explore new ground and create his own distinctive musical identity as a solo artist. «Working on my own gave me a chance to take my time and experiment a lot,» says Ziggy. «It took one year to finish this record — it’s the longest I’ve ever worked on one album. It’s different when you’re on your own. At some point it’s scary, and then at another it’s a drive that makes you focus more.»

Ziggy also felt it was time for a change of scene. He wrote the album’s songs in Jamaica but recorded them in Miami and Los Angeles. «As an artist I need to experience different things, to see the world and have different energies. It helps me grow as a person to be outside my element.»

More: http://ziggymarley.com/music-discography-dragonfly.php


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