Ziggy Marley’s «Making of: Fly Rasta»

A short film about the making of Ziggy Marley’s 5th studio album, FLY RASTA. Reserve your copy today on iTunes at http://smarturl.it/flyrasta.

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Lead vocals & guitar — Ziggy Marley.
Background vocals — Cedella Marley, Sharon Marley (not shown), Rica Newell, Tracy Hazzard, Ian «Beezy» Coleman, Vincent Brantley (not shown), Sean Dancy (not shown), Tim Fowlles (not shown).
Background Vocal Arrangements — Cedella Marley.
Drums — Stephen Ferrone, Brian Macleod, James Gadson, Rock Deadrick.
Bass — Dave Wilder, Abraham Laboriel, Guy Erez, Paul Stennett.
Keys — Zac Rae, Mike Hyde, George Hughes, David Palmer, Brian LeBarton
Guitars — Lyle Workman, Takeshi Akimoto, Ian «Beezy» Coleman.
Percussion — Rock Deadrick, Randy Gloss.
Taiko Drums — Taku Hirano.
Sitar — Ronobir Lahiri.
Horns — Todd Simon, Geoff Gallegoi, Fabio Santana, Tracy Wannomae.
String Arrangements — Liam McCormick and Owen Sutter.

Produced by Ziggy Marley
Additional Production and Mastering by Dave Cooley
Mixed by Andrew Scheps
Engineered by Isha Erskine
Additional Engineering by Jared Hirshland

Executive Producer: Orly Marley
Production Manager: Matt Solodky
Production Assistant: Michelle Rodriguez
Art Direction and Layout by Neville Garrick
Cover Artwork and Imagery by Souther Salazar
Layout by Rory Wilson

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